2019 Nov. 14, 香港大学(Prof. Aixin Yan)との共同研究成果がJ. Biol. Chem.に掲載されました!

Our collaborative work with Prof. Aixin Yan (University of Hong Kong) has appeared in J. Biol. Chem.! Thank you for good collaboration, Prof. Yan!

Zinc excess increases cellular demand for iron and decreases tolerance to copper in Escherichia coli”
Zeling Xu, Pengchao Wang, Haibo Wang, Zuo Hang Yu, Ho Yu Au-Yeung, Tasuku Hirayama, Hongzhe Sun and Aixin Yan
J. Biol. Chem. 2019, 294, 16978–16991.

2019 Jun. 10–12, 日本ケミカルバイオロジー学会第14回年会にて辻助教、向峯さん(D3)、早舩さん(M2)が発表します。

Dr. Tsuji (Assist. Prof.), Ms. Mukaimine (D3), and Ms. Hayafune (M2) will have poster presentations in The 14th annual meeting of Japanese Society of Chemical Biology.

P-089, 「核局在型二価鉄検出プローブの開発研究」
“Development of nucleus-targeted Fe(II)-selective fluorescent probes”
早舩 花奈、平山 祐、辻 美恵子、永澤 秀子
Kana Hayafune, Tasuku Hirayama, Mieko Tsuji, Hideko Nagasawa

P-102, 「非対称性bismuth-rhodamine誘導体の合成とその光物性評価」
“Syntheses and evaluation of asymmetric bismuth-rhodamine derivatives”
Akari Mukaimine, Tasuku Hirayama, Mieko Tsuji, Hideko Nagasawa

P-148, 「細胞内酸化ストレス制御を目指した光解除型ケージドTPHP化合物の開発」
“Development of photocaged TPHP compounds for controlling intracellular oxidative stress”
Mieko Tsuji, Wataru Watanabe, Tatsuya Aoki, Tasuku Hirayama, Hideko Nagasawa