“Development and applications of fluorescent probes for selective and turn-on detection of Fe(II) ion”
Tasuku Hirayama, Masato Niwa, Kensuke Okuda, Hideko Nagasawa

<Organic> Poster#1237
“Design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of cyclic depsipeptides as chemical probes for study of the tumor microenvironment”
Kozo Hattori, Kota Koike, Kensuke Okuda, Tasuku Hirayama, Hideko Nagasawa

<Inorganic> Poster#1467
“Design and synthesis of new boron carriers based on pepducin chemistry and evaluation of their subcellular distribution”
Aoi Isono, Hiroaki Terashima, Shin-ichiro Masunaga, Tasuku Hirayama, Kensuke Okuda, and Hideko Nagasawa

<Inorganic> Poster#1960
“Development of a new class of high-contrast Fe(II) selective fluorescent probes based on spirocyclized scaffolds and its application”
Masato Niwa, Tasuku Hirayama, Kensuke Okuda, Hideko Nagasawa


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